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Kingdom is a strategy based 2d pixelated side-scrolling game developed by Noio to download for PC. This article will help you to download and install Kingdom.

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Overview of Kingdom

Kingdom is a strategy based 2d pixelated side-scrolling game developed by Noio to download for PC.

Kingdom is a 2d, pixelated, scroll-based game in which you must manage resources for prosperity while avoiding problems and hurdles in path.

Kingdom is very simple 2d game. Download Kingdom now and put a valid use of your resource managing abilities to make a kingdom thrive and survive in harsh times. Kingdom full version download is free, fast, reliable and high speed.

In Kingdom, you must play as a king or a queen who is atop a horse running throughout kingdom overlooking hurdles so download Kingdom full version for free and enjoy the endless fun that is Kingdom. Distribute coins among poor to make them loyal to your leadership and fight enemies who crave gold at night to protect your valuable resources Download Kingdom for PC and test your abilities to manage these resources.

Kingdom is simple, easy yet extremely engaging and very addicting in nature. Your judgement is judged in this game as you spend and save with each coin making a significant difference in future. More expenditure will result in economic imbalance where as less expenditure and safeguarding the money will result in social imbalance. Kingdom Full Version Download is available from us to download. So Download Kingdom now and enjoy as a king.

Gameplay Features

Download Kingdom PC

System Requirements for Kingdom

Reception of Kingdom

Kingdom was met with very positive responses on steam. Users praised the games simple and beautiful environment

Screenshots of Kingdom

Kingdom Screenshot 1

Kingdom Screenshot 2

System Requirements

How to download Kingdom full version for free

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